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We make art in several mediums and are keen to participate in new challenges. 

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About the artist and designer, Sally Price

Sally price artist

Originally from South Africa and with a background of working in Natural History and Anthropology Museums I developed an interest in natural form and patterns in nature.

In 1998 I formed Boldstone Sculpture in the UK and have worked with architects, interior and garden designers as well as private clients and home owners to design and produce wall sculptures and water features for gardens and interiors.

My designs are inspired by patterns and forms in nature whether that be the corrugations of sand ripples on a beach, or the curves and spirals in waves and sea shells, or shifting shadow shapes of the Moon's phases. These patterns and forms have been interpreted into bold and pared down shapes with a strong emphasis on texture, light and shadow. This method and approach to design continues to excite and interest me. It makes me pay attention to natural form as it surrounds us whilst reinterpreting it in various shapes and structures.